Church history 6EARLY 1890’S
Ebenezer Baptist Church
Church history 8 1957
Row one: Frances Stimmel, Sharon Hwdyshell (Mount), Dorothy Sheets, Geneva Griggs, Karen Howdyshell (Westrenbarger)
Row Two: Letha Kinnamon, Unidentified, Patty Stimmel (Edgar), Mary Griggs, Marie Leadford, Virginia Beougher, Evelyn Howdyshell, Lucy Howdyshell
Church history 111968
Parsonage ground breaking. Pictured left to right: Johnnie Walker, Stanford McWilliams, Mr. Howdyshell, David Howdyshell, Loren Howdyshell, Rev. John McDanel, Frank Carpenter, Fred Coomer, and Carl Griggs.
Church history 13 OCTOBER 1974
Recognition of couples married 50 years or longer. Pictured left tyo right: Jess & Vestie Mohler, Anna & John Coomer, Marsha & Stanford McWilliams
Church history 17LATE 1970’s
Ebenezer Baptist Church. Notice the church bell, which was purchased in 1903. The bell is now located at the new church.
church history mik
Mid 1990’s
Youth group skit “Mik’s Jr. Clown Show”
Left to right: Kelsy Bowers, Kristen Hartman (Woodgeard), Leroy King, Phil Westenbarger, Heather Howdyshell (Dickerson), Amy Stimmel (Keith), Jalynn Hartman (Parks), Kristen Williams, Karla Elick
Church history 22JUNE 2000
First mission trip. Mission team members were: (Left to right) Deb & Don Stimmel, Karen & Chuck Westenbarger, Berneil & Everett Beal, Frances Stimmel, Gary Mount, Mary Randall, and Rev. Jim & Wilda Allison.
Church history 4EARLY 1920’S
Ebenezer Baptist Church
Church History 91957
Neva Coomer and Jerry Dupler were the first couple married at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Also pictured are Maid of Honor Pat Lawson and Best Man Ralph Bay.
Church history 101960’s
Ebenezer ladies

Church history 14

EARLY 1970’s
Pictured left to right: Rev. Wilburn Martin, Beverly Stimmel(Mosure), Rev. Tim Lehmen, Barbara Coomer (Browm), Carol Stimmel (Hendeson), Don Stimmel, Teresa Mohler (Gill), Mary Ann Spohn (Casey), Doug Strimmel, Karen Howdyshell (Westenbarger), Shirley Walker (Carpenter), Earl Spohn, Mary Stimmel (Randall), Chuck Westenbarger, Amanda Wilson, Denise Coomer (Mock)

Church history 15

NOVEMBER 11, 1979
Mortgage burning ceremony.
Left to right: Bob Wallace Jr.,James Stimmel, Paul Adair of Logan Federal Savings and Loan, Rev. Charles Spier, former pastor Rev. Wilburn Martin, Johnnie Walker, and Fred Coomer.
Church History 191985
Recognition of individuals with more than 25 years of Christian service. Pictured left to right: Loren & Evelyn Howdyshell, Patty Edgar, Geneva Griggs, Marsha McWilliams, Shirley & Rev. Charles Spier
Church history 23
LATE 1990’s
Youth choir
Church history dinner
MAY 2008
Mother Daughter Banquet at the Maxville Community Center
Church history 71937
Church Centennial Celebration
Church history 24EARLY 1960’s
Ebenezer Baptist Church. Notice the white building behind the church. That was the outdoor bathroom, otherwise known as the outhouse.
Church history 16FEBRUARY 1971
Recognition of Amanda Wilson for 50 years of service as church organist. Also pictured are Dr. Robert Cockrell and Sanford McWilliams.
Church history 121974
No church outing is complete until you have to change a tire on the church bus.

. Church History 18

EARLY 1980’s
Children’s program

Church history 21

June 1987
Vacation Bible School program

Church history 20

MAY 1999
Mother/Daughter dinner
chuch history june
July 2008
Construction of new church
Church history dedication
April 26, 2009
First Sunday at our new church.
Ribbon cutting ceremony