Ebenezer Baptist Church is committed to helping spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. We support missions works through the Southern Baptist Convention and by partnering with individual missionaries.

How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!
ROMANS 10: 14 -15


    Tim and Pam Darling have been missionaries for 36 years. They spent 29 years in Venezuela and are now serving in Spain working with Baptist Mid Missions. Tim and Pam are stationed in Azuqueca which is about 30 miles NE of the capital, Madrid.
    Their ministry in Spain is to help the church become autonomous with a national pastor. Tim also heads up the Bible Institute, helping to equip other believers and strengthening the local church.
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    Gary and Marie work with Mission Padamo Aviation Support. They have been ministering to the Yanomamö in Venezuela for over 37 years. Their profile at states they have played a prominent role in the mission and ministry to the Yanomamö. Gary works on the base with maintenance, community development, and as director of the mission to his instrumental role in translation, men’s discipleship, Bible curriculum development and even medical emergencies,
    Gary and Marie have been used in a variety of capacities over the years. Marie’s ministries have been as varied as Gary’s. Marie has played a key role in the Yanomamö school and the American school for the missionary children. In this capacity she has not only taught students, but she has taught teachers and developed curriculum as well. In addition to her role in the schools, Marie has also worked in the village as a midwife and medical worker.
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    Marcelo and Gabriela Diez and their family serve in Dominican Republic leading Word of Life Institute. Their ministry includes sharing God’s word through Bible clubs, youth groups, and various evangelistic outreach ministries. Their ministry team also leads a three week camp each summer. this camp ministers to approximately 700 teenagers.
    Marcelo and Gabriela are the parents of three children: Marcelito, Melanie, and Michelle.


    Adam and Melissa Gibson are missionaries with ABWE and began working as church planters in Portugal in 2015. They conduct evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training. They are the parents of Natalia, Annaelise, and Giselle.
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   Chad and Christy are on staff with CRU reaching college students at Ohio University and nearby campuses. CRU helps students find opportunities to grow in their faith and to make a difference for Jesus Christ on campus and around the world. CRU’s 180 meets weekly on campus. Learn more about the CRU outreach at Be sure to check out their Facebook page as well.



    The Mayos serve in the Asia Pacific. They give strategic direction and pastoral care to church planting teams in Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, Papau, New Guinea, the Phillipines, and Thailand. Their base is in Sydney, Australia. While there, they evangelize, assist at a church plant, and lecture at a Bible College.



   Roger and Cherie Mullins have been in full-time Christian work since 1969. Their first years of service were spent on the staff of churches in Memphis, Tennessee, Haughton, Louisiana and Madisonville, Kentucky. In 1977 Roger went into full-time evangelism. For the next 13 years Roger and Cherie and their children, Cindy and Buddy traveled extensively all over the U. S. and in several foreign countries in local church evangelism and mission evangelism. They also recorded many gospel music projects.
   In early 1994 Roger and Cherie joined Hope for the World out of Kissimmee, Florida. Roger is the Director for the country of Albania. Hope for the World has 8 orphanages for which they are responsible for feeding, clothing, maintenance and spiritual training for these children. There are over 400 children in these homes. Most of these children have come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. They are taught the Bible weekly by Hope for the World staff members in each orphanage. Many of them are also in discipleship classes with the staff workers.   
   They are also ministering regularly to a group of elderly people at the Threshold of Hope in Saranda, Albania.
Roger travels to Albania several times a year and Cherie accompanies him whenever she is possible. They are fully dependent upon the support of God’s people to keep them working in this ministry. It is their responsibility to handle all fund raising for the orphans and elderly group.
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    P.J and Lizzy are serving with Mission to Unreached Peoples. Mission to Unreached People’s vision is to see “All Unreached People Groups reached. Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations (ethne) fulfilled.”
P.J. and Lizzy have been on the field for eight years. They work with a Tibetan people group in South Asia. Their goal is to see a church planting movement begin among their people with the result of a church in every village.
    P. J. and Lizzy are the parents of two children: Naomi and Ezra.


   Joel works with Out Island Ministries. He leads mission teams and oversees the work in Haiti including building small houses to replace the shacks some of the people live in. Joel and his wife Audria present the gospel at every opportunity with people they encounter. Learn more by visiting You can also connect with them trough their Facebook page.


    After having ministered in Tombouctou, Mali, West Africa, and the Paris area of France, Tony and Kathy Pepe moved to the French region called Champagne where they are currently in a church-planting ministry. The goal of this ministry is to see an independent, Bible-believing, Baptist church established in this area of France where there has never been one before.
    Tony and Kathy live and work in Bar-Sur-Seine, France, a town located on the southern border of the department or small state of Aube. In order to reach the goal of establishing a local church, the principal activities of their ministry include evangelism and outreach events as well as discipleship, teaching, and edification of the saints.
Tony and Kathy have served in France since 1993 with Evangelical Baptist Missions. They are the parents of three children: Karie, Kristina, and Andrew.
    Arnold and Linda Skelton have been missionaries to Ivory Coast, West Africa since 1969 and residents for over 35 years. The Skeltons have been involved in church planting, evangelism and the training of National leadership in the Ivorian church. Arnold has personally have endured 3 heart attacks, one aortic valve replacement, all four strains of Malaria, appendicitis, poisoning by witch doctors, giant venomous caterpillar stings, a broken leg, amoebic dysentery, army ant attacks and numerous other adventures of being a missionary.
    Eugenia A. Tagoc and her husband, Pastor Jerry F. Tagoc became missionaries to the tribal province of Kalinga, Philippines in 1993. After Jerry passed away in 2009, Eugenia remained as the Missionary to this province.
Currently, Eugenia is sharing the support that she receives with 10 local Pastors who are working in various mission fields in Kalinga. The churches and mission works form the Kalinga Tribal Baptist Outreaches and Missions (KATRIBOM) which Jerry organized.
    Eugenia has several responsibilities including: music ministry (teaching choir, playing the piano during services), coordinator of the Ladies Fellowship (WINGS – Women in God’s Service), Principal of Alpha & Omega Learning Center, Instructional Manager of Alternative Learning System. The Alternative Learning System is another church ministry. It aims to provide free basic education to out-of-school youth and other members of the community who do not have the means to go to school, either due to poverty or to any other personal reasons that they may have, teaching Sunday School and Vacation Bible School as the need arises.
    Learn more about the work going on in the province of Kalinga, Philippines by visiting the Christian Ambassador Baptist Church, Eugenia’s home church Facebook page.
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   Miguel and Clara Yustiz are missionaries with Baptist Mid-Missions. They preach and teach the Gospel in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela. They have been on the mission field since 2007. Their primary focus is church planting and working with the Bible Institute. They have two sons, Jose and Miguelangel.
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